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iPresta - Oficial Partner en Iran

JA Modules

The resale and the marketplaces continue in boom for several years and it seems that every day goes to more.

JA Marketplace is the most popular module to create a market within PrestaShop. It allows other users to register as sellers with the main objective of expanding the catalog and thereby sales. This module has cost a lot of work to develop and consider it as such. Thanks to this effort, the work is being remunerated and we hope it will be for many years to continue improving it.

We are happy and very proud to open a market for JA Marketplace in the Iranian territory and to thank the iPresta team for making it possible.

iPresta is a Premium Partner of PrestaShop that, just like our team, thinks that PrestaShop is the best free online e-commerce solution in the world.

iPresta has seen in our complement the best solution to implement a market within a store developed with PrestaShop. For that reason he contacted to enable the sale in the country of Iran confidenting in their possibilities.

iPresta has been in charge of translating this module into Iranian and enabling the sale in this country by providing exclusive payment methods for that country since users do not have access to the international payment solution (PayPal, VisaCards, MasterCards, ...). iPresta decided to provide PrestaShop international add-ons (themes and modules) for Iranian users legally and with a legal license where one of the modules they have chosen is JA Marketplace.

Because the Iranians do not have access to buy directly from, iPresta as the PrestaShop premium partner in Iran, began a negotiation to provide Jose Aguilar's products directly to Iranian users. After a while, the JA team agreed to this partnership and JA Marketplace has been selling in Iran from several weeks now from the following link: Addons iPresta - JA Marketplace.

The JA Marketplace team receives a commission for the sale on this site. It is important to let know that this association is legal. iPresta is our only partner in Iran and soon more modules of our membership will be sold.

Thank you very much for trusting JA Marketplace.