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Contabe finally available in our shop for you

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Contabe is already available to buy in our store. Available for PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7. Module that allows you to keep accounts of your business in the Backoffice of your shop.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.3.3 (04/10/2018)

* ADD: ps_versions_compliancy min: 1.6, max: _PS_VERSION_
* ADD: contact buttons and more information in the module configuration
* ADD: now it is possible to add accounting projects and display information by project
* FIX: change range dates format
* ADD: use select2 plugin in AdminController selectors
* FIX: default values in add items forms
* ADD: graph of best sales and best customers in Dashboard
* ADD: transfers issued, transfers received, entries and spends in a period now is show in each account
* ADD: attachment in expenses and entries
* ADD: File extensions for income and expense documents
* ADD: now it is possible edit an expense
* ADD: now it is possible edit an entry
* ADD: ajax to display customers by projects in add entry and suppliers by projects in add spend
* ADD: now the total amount of all the accounts is shown in accounts
* ADD: taxes, benefit and lost in each project
* ADD: when you add an expense or an income, the price with taxes is now automatically calculated
* FIX: when you add a price with decimals, now is considerate the point and the comma
* ADD: when you add a new transfer, the account selector the available amount of each account now appears
* ADD: now it is possible manage taxes
* ADD: contabe account date add and date update
* ADD: change author module
* ADD: translations in mx,ar,co,pe,ve
* FIX: setMedia new param in AdminControllers
* ADD: material icon in backoffice menu
* ADD: upgrade logo
* FIX: PrestaShop validator standards code structure
* ADD: configuration in tabs with available sections


Contabe is a module that has been on the market for more than 2 years. It has its official website but it is only sold in PrestaShop Addons and in our store as of today.

The case is that we bring a new version 1.3.3 that brings all the following improvements and fixes:

We have defined the module's compatibility with PrestaShop. Currently functional in PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7.

In this update we have improved the configuration of this module by adding more information and enabling a button to contact the developer, see more modules of JA Modules, a link to qualify the purchase and get a discount for the next purchase and a link to the history of changes

We have added one more level to the module that has caused a change of logic in almost all sections. Now you can create projects that can represent companies or entities to control accounting independently.

The format of the date range to show transactions and results has been improved.

The select2 plugin is now used to improve the appearance of the selectors in the Backoffice, but above all, it makes it easier to find records. For example, when you want to create a new income, you can choose a customer more easily. In the case of having many clients it was very difficult to find the desired client in the long list. Now this list has a search engine to quickly find the desired client.

Default values ​​have been added in the forms to add records whether they are income, customers, suppliers or expenses.

The Dashboard now shows a graph of best sales and a graph of best customers.

Transfers sent, transfers received, revenues and expenses in a period are now displayed on the page display of an account.

Now you can include an attachment for the expenses and income.

Now you can set the file extensions allowed for the attachments of the expenses and income of the operation.

Now it is possible to edit an expense in case you are wrong. In the previous version it was necessary to eliminate the expense to create it again.

Now it is possible to edit an income in case you are wrong. In the previous version it was necessary to delete the income to create it again.

Use of the Ajax technique to show the clients of a project when adding revenue and to show the suppliers of a project when adding expenses.

Now the total money accumulated in the accounts is shown in the Dashboard for your information.

The rates, benefits and losses are now displayed on the display page of each project.

At the time of adding a new expense or income, the price with taxes included is automatically calculated once you have indicated the price without taxes or selected the tax rate.

When you add a price or amount with decimals, you now consider both the comma and the point.

At the moment of adding a new transfer, the total amount of each of them is now available in the account selector.

Now it is possible to manage the tax rates.

Now the accounts have date of addition and date of update.

The author of this module has been updated and now belongs to the company JA Modules.

The Spanish language of Argentina, Spanish of Colombia, Spanish of Mexico, Spanish of Peru and Spanish of Venezuela have been added. If it is not available in your language you should not worry. It is possible to translate it easily from the translations of the modules.

In this version we have fixed the problem of the administration controllers related to the setMedia function that now brings a new parameter that should be considered in the functional version for PrestaShop 1.7.

In PrestaShop 1.7, an icon appears next to the text Contabe in the left side menu of the Backoffice.

The logo of this module has been updated by customizing its design and embedding the logo of this site.

Now this module complies with the code standards of the PrestaShop validator. All the coding errors indicated in the PrestaShop Addons validator have been corrected as far as possible in order to maintain the code standard.

The configuration of the module is now shown with 4 tabs to more easily identify the sections of information, configuration, synchronization and sections for management.

The section section is new. This shows a link to each of the sections that has this module to manage accounting:

  • Dashboard
  • Projects
  • Accounts
  • Transfers
  • customers
  • Suppliers
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Tax rates

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