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JA Marketplace Featured Sellers New Version 1.1.0

JA Modules

Major update to Featured Sellers module on the home page where various front and configuration details have been improved.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.1.0 (26/05/2020) - major upgrade

 * ADD: upgrade logo

 * ADD: change author module

 * ADD: update description module

 * ADD: lscd

 * ADD: contact buttons an more information in module configuration

 * ADD: configuration tabs

 * ADD: use registerStylesheet

 * ADD: on the front the title is now capitalized

 * ADD: improvements have been made to the template

 * ADD: seller star rating has been added

 * ADD: seller status information (featured or not) on adminSellers

 * ADD: PrestaShop validator standars code structure


Important update of this functional complement with PrestaShop 1.7 and considering the new functionalities that JA Marketplace 7.0.0 brings.

The logo of this module has been updated customizing its design and embedding the logo of this site.

In this version the author of this module has been updated and now belongs to the JA Modules company.

The description of this module has been improved and adapted to the new functionalities that have been added.

The module configuration is now shown in tab format where you can access 3 sections.

  • Module configuration
  • Related modules
  • Information and contact buttons

The following buttons have been added in the module configuration:

  • Contact with direct link to the technical support center.
  • Link to the list of complementary modules for JA Marketplace.
  • Button to help us by rating this purchase and get a discount.
  • Change log

In PrestaShop 1.7 the registerStylesheet function is used to load the custom style sheet.

Home page featured sellers block title is now capitalized and centered.

Important changes have been added to the sellers block template considering the improvements that are being added in JA Marketplace 7.0.0 (coming soon).

Added average star rating just below seller's name or store.

With JA Marketplace 7.0.0 it will be possible to display the name of the seller or the store.

JA Marketplace featured sellers

In seller management it is now possible to see the status of the seller. The administrator can see if it is a featured seller or not.

This module now complies with the code standardization rules established by the PrestaShop code validator.

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