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Discount vouchers of sellers for JA Marketplace new Version 2.0.0

JA Modules

Important update of the vendor discount vouchers module to adapt to the new design of PrestaShop 1.7 and improve its configuration, among other details.

Recent changes:

VERSION 2.0.0 (01/04/2020) - major upgrade

* ADD: use getBreadcrumbLink() in module controller

* ADD: hook seller menu

* ADD: hook seller options

* ADD: responsive tables

* ADD: table hover

* ADD: show reduction in table

* ADD: button list with colors

* ADD: adaptation footer links

* ADD: use block name page title

* ADD: use block name page footer

* ADD: use registerJavascript and registerStylesheet

* ADD: ps versions compliancy

* ADD: upgrade author

* ADD: configuration tabs

* ADD: upgrade logo

* ADD: contact buttons and more information in module configuration

* ADD: related modules in module configuration

* ADD: PrestaShop validator standards code structure


The getBreadcrumbLinks() function is now used to display breadcrumbs on the pages that this module incorporates into your store.

On the seller's discount vouchers page and on the page that allows you to add discount vouchers, the top menu now appears.

The options side menu may also be visible if enabled.

The seller discount voucher list is now a table adaptable to all devices.

In the seller's discount voucher list, hovering over a discount voucher has a background color change effect.

A new column with the reduction or percentage of the discount is now displayed in the list of seller discount vouchers.

The action buttons in the list have been reduced and are now displayed in representative colors.

The buttons to enable and disable discount vouchers are now icons. Images have been removed.

Extended use of the page is available in the templates on the front.

In .tpl templates the page blocks are now being used to display the title separately.

In .tpl templates page blocks are now being used to display footer links separately.

The JavaScript and CSS files that this module adds in your store are now being loaded with the registerJavascript and registerStylesheet functions and thus acquire the advantages that this implies.

Version compliance rule added.

In this version the author of this module has been updated and now belongs to the JA Modules company.

The logo of this module has been updated customizing its design and embedding the logo of this site.

Buttons have been added to contact, see more modules for JA Marketplace, rate this purchase and get a discount and changes history.

Tabs have been added in the module configuration.

In the first tab the information, description, contact buttons appear.

And related modules appear in the second tab.

The structure of this module now complies with the PrestaShop code validator standards.

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