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JA Marketplace Seller Auctions New Version 1.5.0

JA Modules

Important update of the seller auction module where many functional improvements have been added for PrestaShop 1.7 related to usability and dynamism.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.5.0 (23/03/2020)

  • * ADD: automatic bid increments
  • * ADD: backend links adaptation in PrestaShop
  • * ADD: auction block title on the product page
  • * ADD: the administrator can see the number of bids
  • * ADD: the administrator can see the initial price
  • * ADD: the administrator can see the winner of the auction
  • * ADD: button with direct access to manage auctions in module configuration
  • * ADD: use block name page title
  • * ADD: use block name page footer
  • * ADD: datepicker in spanish or english
  • * ADD: use registerJavascript and registerStylesheet
  • * ADD: now the winner of the auction is redirected to the cart with the product obtained
  • * ADD: the "displayProductAdditionalInfo" hook is now being used to display the auction block
  • * ADD: bids are sent by ajax
  • * ADD: auction values are dynamically updated every second

The automatic bid increments have been added optionally.

In the module configuration you can enable automatic bids. This system allows the client to indicate the maximum value that he is willing to pay that is not visible to the other bidders. In the meantime, other users can submit their bids and if they do not exceed the maximum bid of the maximum bidder, an automatic bid will be created in favor of the latter until their maximum bid is exceeded.

Automatic bidding is somewhat more advanced than the traditional bidding system since the customer only has to enter the maximum price they are willing to pay and this module takes care of the rest.

If another user bids, a slightly higher bid will be made in the name of the highest bidder. The amount by which the bid is increased is known as the bid increment.

Bid increases go by price range. In principle, the higher the price of the product, the greater the bid increase, but you can configure this as you want from the module configuration.

When someone exceeds a customer's maximum bid, this customer receives an email informing that their bid has been exceeded by another user.

If you are outbid immediately after bidding, it means that another bidder user has an upper limit to yours. You will have to bid again to be the highest bidder.

If this system does not suit your needs, you can disable it to return to the traditional system.

This version contains an adaptation that affects the Backend menu links in PrestaShop

Now the administrator can see the number of bids in the auction view (backoffice).

Now the administrator can see the initial price of auction (backoffice).

Now the administrator can also see the winner in the auction view (backoffice).

In the module configuration, a direct access button has been added to the auctions management.

The product page now displays a title for the block that contains the bid submission form and the countdown for the auction.

In .tpl templates the page blocks are now being used to display the title separately.

In .tpl templates page blocks are now being used to display footer links separately.

The datepicker is now displayed in Spanish and English.

The JavaScript and CSS files that this module adds in your store are now being loaded with the registerJavascript and registerStylesheet functions and thus acquire the advantages that this implies.

The auction winner is now automatically redirected to the shopping cart with the product obtained.

The block for bidding on the auction on the product page has now been hooked to the hook "displayProductAdditionalInfo".

Bids sent by clients are now sent using the Ajax technique to the server. This indicates that auctions and bids are now more dynamic. Bidders can view, without reloading the page, the most recent bids. The container is updated every second.

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