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Incident manager new version 4.1.0

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Important update of the incidences module in which we have improved several graphic and technical details among other details that improve the quality of the complement.

Recent changes:

VERSION 4.1.0 (02/10/2019)

  •  * ADD: backend links adaptation in PrestaShop
  •  * ADD: define width for selectors in admin controller
  •  * ADD: use getAdminLink
  •  * ADD: button add a new incidence in AdminOrder
  •  * ADD: button add a new incidence in AdminCustomer
  •  * ADD: in module configuration link to admin incidences
  •  * ADD: inproves in header in admin view incidence
  •  * ADD: show customer in admin view incidence
  •  * ADD: configuration tabs
  •  * ADD: direct link to manage incidences in module configuration
  •  * ADD: related modules
  •  * ADD: improve description
  •  * ADD: incidence template improvements
  •  * ADD: use getBreadcrumbLinks()
  •  * ADD: use block name page title
  •  * ADD: use block name page footer
  •  * ADD: smaller "view incidence button"
  •  * ADD: smaller incidence table
  •  * ADD: remove contact controller and create list and view controller for incidences in frontend
  •  * ADD: use datatable plugin to filtering, sorting and pagination tickets in customer account
  •  * ADD: use registerStylesheet and registerJavascript in frontend
  •  * ADD: use bootstrap modal for add incidence in frontend
  •  * ADD: show the messages number in the incidence in frontend
  •  * ADD: customer can see a list of incidences and create a new incidence in the order detail page - displayOrderDetail
  •  * ADD: input type file translatable
  •  * ADD: manage returns from incidence
  •  * ADD: when the administrator adds a new incidence from the backoffice, only the customers who have orders appear
  •  * ADD: when the administrator selecting a customer, now only that customer's orders appear
  •  * ADD: now the administrator can see the status and priority in the incident view
  •  * ADD: administrator can create and select predefined messages


This version is an important update. These features are only available in PrestaShop 1.7.

This version contains an adaptation that affects the Backend menu links in PrestaShop

A definition of the width for the selectors of the forms of the controllers of the administration has been added.

Now the getAdminLink() function is being used to create the links to the client page or the order detail in the administration.

From the Backoffice, in the order management, the administrator can now add a new incident associated with the order.

From the Backoffice, in customer management, the administrator can now add a new incident associated with the customer.

The design and appearance of the incident detail for the administrator has been improved. A header for the incident has been added detailing the following information:

  • Order
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Priority
  • State
  • Creation date
  • Update date

The configuration of this module is now displayed in tab format.

Currently, the configuration is divided into:

  • Settings
  • Information and version
  • Related Modules

A direct link to incident management has been added to the module configuration.

The module description has been improved to better describe the functionality of this add-on.

The template that shows the details of the incident has been improved on the front. Now the details and messages of the incident appear in a much more attractive modal window.

The number of messages is shown in the detail of the incident.

The getBreadcrumbLinks() function is now used to display bread crumbs on the pages that this module incorporates into your shop.

The extended use of the page is available in the front templates.

In the .tpl templates the blocks on the page are now being used to display the title separately.

In the .tpl templates, the page blocks are now being used to display the footer links separately.

The button to see the incidence that appears in the list of customer incidents has been reduced.

Table spacings have been adjusted to display more information at a glance.

The Datatable plugin has been incorporated to change the appearance of the list of incidents in the client's account. It is now possible to filter and sort by each field. The client can indicate the number to paginate the incidents. The presentation of the list of incidents is divided into pages. Pagination added.

The JavaScript and CSS files that this module adds in your store are now being loaded with the functions registerJavascript and registerStylesheet and in this way acquire the advantages that this entails.

The customer can view a list of incidences and create a new incidence from the order detail page.

The button that allows you to upload an attachment is now possible to translate.

The details of the return now appear in the detail of the incident for the client and for the administrator.

When the administrator tries to add a new incident from the Backoffice now only those customers who have placed orders appear.

And when the administrator selects a client at the time of creating a new incident, now only the orders of that client appear.

The administrator can now see the status and priority in the incident detail.

Now the administrator can create predefined messages that he can use when responding to an incident.

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