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Event calendar for your PrestaShop

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New module for your shop that will allow you tonotify your visitors and clients about events, concerts, conferences, presentations, etc. related to your business.

Event calendar for your PrestaShop

Informs your customers of upcoming events, news or whatever you think to do in your shop.

Generates extra and quality content to improve the positioning of your store associated with a calendar that your customers can see on the main page of your store or on a new page that can be used to display the calendar.

This calendar can be ideal to generate news, publish blog articles, schedule events, concerts, conferences, lectures, etc.

For example, if your store sells custom shirts with your favorite Rock band, you can publish all kinds of news related to that band but with the ultimate goal of ending up on the page selling the shirt or product related to the band.

You can use this module as a blog to talk colloquially about the Rock band and the shirts. The ideal is to use a close language to reach the end user. You can not forget the link to the shirt sale page.

If your business programs or performs concerts, conferences, presentations, etc. you can also use this module to indicate a date and time of the event and show it on the calendar.

In this way, customers can easily consult it by clicking on the calendar.

The description of events, news or blog posts can be added HTML content. This means that you can easily add images, videos, tables, links, etc. on the landing page.

The links are ideal to improve the navigation of your store. You can not forget to add them if possible.

This add-on can also be used to create events or private appointments. For example, to schedule an appointment with a client in day and time or to schedule your daily, weekly or monthly work.

Install it now easy and fast.

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