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Featured categories on the homepage new version 2.3.0

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Major update of the featured categories module where we have improved several details related to the front only in PrestaShop 1.7.

Recent changes:

VERSION 2.3.0 (01/07/2019)

  •  * ADD: set the width and height of the category image
  •  * ADD: the image and the links are added to the array of featured categories in controller
  •  * ADD: center image in parent container
  •  * ADD: box shadow in featured category container


Important update that only applies to PrestaShop stores with version 1.7.x (latest versions).

Changes or improvements are centralized in the front. In the block that shows the featured categories in various positions of your shop.

Now the width and height are being set in the corresponding attributes of the category image to indicate the dimensions. These values are collected from the type of image for the highlighted categories that have been chosen in the configuration of the module.

The image and links of each category are now dynamically generated and added to the featured categories from the controller and are not built from the template.

Now each category is presented in the featured categories block with a box shadow.

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