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JA Marketplace Product comparator PRO now available to buy

JA Modules

Enjoys the new module that allows the seller to select a product from the catalog to sell in the market and, in addition, also allows the customer to compare prices on the product page.

Complement only available for JA Markeptlace. Not compatible with other modules to create a marketplace.

With this module installed in your market, sellers can now have 2 possibilities to adding a product in marketplace.

On the one hand, the possibility that allows to create new products can be maintained, as until now, and the possibility that this module provides so that the seller can also select an existing product in the catalog of the store to sell it.

From here it can put together a price war. Sellers will fight and compete with other vendors with the main objective of offering the best offer.

Customers will be the most benefited in this fight since they will be able to see at a glance all the offers available in the market on the same product page.

In short, the price that the user wants to pay is the cheapest possible, but there are other factors that the customer can also check, such as, the final price including shipping costs, the amount available and / or the product status as well, it can be keys to finalize a sale, among others.

It improves the operation of the seller account and at the same time offers a better experience. At the same time, improves the operation of your market by increase competition between sellers.

Keep your line or brand available to the public and show other similar offers to raise awareness of potential customers.

This module can avoid duplication of products in the catalog since the products that sellers can select to sell can be created in "hidden" mode. This means that only the main or parent product appears in the product listings and searches.

The products selected by the sellers appear on the main product page.

When 2 products are the same?

This module makes it easy for you. In the configuration you can decide if 2 products are equal based on their EAN13 code, UPC, ISBN or reference.

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